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We Provide Creative Gift Bag with Handle for You

Le 21 mai 2015, 04:07 dans Humeurs 0

Nowadays, there are different kinds of gift packaging boxes on the market, such as rigid paper box, garment box, cardboard box, gift bag with handles and so on. There are so many kinds of gift packaging boxes so how can we find a suitable gift packaging box?
First, we need to focus on design. We all want to find an unique gift packaging box to package our gift, so the design of the gift box is very important. Moreover, we also need to pay attention on the color of the gift packaging box. We need to care about the favor of the receiver. In addition, the quality of the packaging box is also very important. We all don't want to use a packaging box with poor quality. The last but not least, printing is also needed to be cared. Color difference and ink will affect the beauty of the box.
Since we have known some factors of packaging box, I will introduce some good packaging boxes. Among these boxes, my favorite is gift bag with handles. With many pretty gift bags available, you can choose bag with handles. There are lots of types of handle bags including clear colored gift bags, clear poly handle bags and retail handle bags. Clear colored gift bags can also be an important part of your shopping experience, and they provide a variety of colors for your needs. Clear poly handle bags, made with clear polyethylene, are often used in bakeries, restaurants, drug stores and more. They make an excellent standard bag for companies and they also need a bag option.
For retail handle bags, with a variety of colors, they are available for a very cheap price, and are famous for clothing stores and other retail companies. They also need affordable bags for their consumers. Handle bags play an important role in various different industries. From clothing to restaurant residues to electronics, it is easier for the customers to shop with a good handle paper gift bag. And a quality handle bag makes the shopping experience much more memorable. They are not only varies in color and style, but size as well. From small to very large, you'll be able to find a bag to fit any gift. You just need to add some tissue paper and a bow there for the perfect finishing touches. Then you can take part in to any occasion with a gift to be proud of. These bags are versatile and very convenient to use. Gift bag with handles makes excellent choices for not only retail but also for customers who need to take their items with ease.
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Amazing Cardboard Gift Box Design Ideals

Le 19 mai 2015, 09:07 dans Humeurs 0

What kind of cardboard gift box designs can be called the ideal ones? What elements involved that make a paper gift bag design ideal? Are they the ones that with colorful drawings? Or the ones that being made into cute and beautiful shapes? To some extent, those facts, the colorful drawings and the cute shapes, may be important. But when it comes to producing them, more facts should be taken into our considerations. Besides the shapes and the drawings, the weight of the gift in the cardboard gift box, the size of it, the technical difficulties of printing the decorations and situations the gifts for should be also considered.

Differed from the rigid papers which are rougher and heavier than the cardboard, the cardboard is suitable for some upscale gifts. It has smoother touching feelings and ideal colors. Designers love the intensity and the smoothness of its surface and it is being widely used in various situations. The cardboard is usually categorized into two different sorts, name them, the white cardboard and the glassine cast coating cardboard. The white cardboard is usually used for the gifts, the wines, and the cosmetics, while the cast coating cardboard for the medicines and upscale cosmetics. We should give notice to that in designing the paper cake box.

Technically, the cardboard gift box design ideals should first take the weight and the size of the gift into account. For example, if the gift were a bottle of wine, the cardboard gift box should be made tougher and stronger, which requires us thinking out some firmer shapes; on the other hand, if the gift were cosmetics which is smaller and lighter than the wines, requirement for the toughness is lessened and more considerations should be given to the prettier shape of the paper foldable box. For economic considerations, the size and the weight of the also important for the cardboard gift box design ideals which are regarded as ones that cost the least in manufacturing.

The cardboard gift box should be fitted for the gift in it. It would be an irony that the cardboard gift box is more expensive than the gift in it. Also, it will disgrace a great gift if a simple and cheap rigid paper box goes with it. Therefore, for the cardboard gift box design ideals, the inside and the outside should be matched. Cast coating cardboard gift should have a upscale gift, such as the high-end cosmetics in it, while the white cardboard gift box in a cute shape would be suitable for the candies or chocolates. Moreover, the decorations on the cast coating cardboard gift box should be more serious while on the white cardboard gift box, cartoon figures are acceptable. 

Let's Talk About Small Paper Food Box

Le 14 mai 2015, 03:13 dans Humeurs 0

Usually, consumers not only hope to have material life to enjoy, but also want to be satisfied with a spiritual comfort. So, for small paper cake box design, we need to constantly pursue new change and meet our warm and comfortable heart. And for the growing demand for paper food box, our market promotions also have more spaces. We'll have a new design and do not break aesthetic feeling of new packaging small paper food box to meet the needs of the consumers.

paper food box can give consumers more comfortable feeling which can also satisfy the airtight, shockproof, moisture-proof, crushing and other effects. And small paper food box design can bring people into the artistic conception of food. For example, when people at work and it in a chair to enjoy coffee. Smell the aroma of coffee to taste the delicious food. It will bring us not only the fragrance of taste, but also the aesthetic feeling of relaxed, satisfied and comfortable sense. It is also elegant feeling which paper food box brings us to enjoy.

In our country, the culture of the dessert is more and more immemorial. It is full of life every moment in the home, office or various social places. Fruit snacks are also gradually together with fashion trends. With the improvement of our request, small paper foldable box also opens a slice of the market in China. Exquisite packaging make it contains a lot of connotation to bring us noble, elegant, romantic and fashion experience. Firstly according to paper food box enterprise producers to design an iconic symbol, we ensure that the LOGO is not in the state trademark office to apply for registration, this is the national certification of intellectual property rights.

Paper food box design should highlight food taste because eating pushes new products, all kinds of taste also continuously push new small paper food box. We also take special attention on the packaging to do with characteristics of paper food box design to attract consumers. Food variety and manufacturers are different, so we can't make their products in the same. We also need to pay attention to the problem, because the small paper food box itself is part of the goods, the main function of packaging is used to prevent the harm of biological, chemical and other external factors on the product to ensure the safety and health.

cardboard gift box in general is roughly divided into two kinds, namely the cardboard packaging and foldable paper packaging. All in all, our company packing way is probably divided into plastic, paper, composite materials and so on. 

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